Automated driver's license verification with OCR and Background Check

Consult databases from public agencies such as DETRAN and DENATRAN and allow your users to drive, share, or rent cars and give lifts with security and quickness.

How you can onboard drivers with idwall

Check out the step by step guide of how our solution works and guarantee a more agile, more secure registration flow for your company and for the driver.

Step 01

Step 02

Step 03

Data submission

To register drivers, the first step is to submit the information. This process can be done in two ways:

Data: submission of name, CPF, birthday, etc.
Picture: you submit a picture of a driver's license, we extract all the data that's necessary for the consultations.

Automated consultations
in public agencies

We consult all the sources you need to ensure the individual is apt to drive.

Automated risk score

Receive validation from all consultations through a personalized score or a message of approval or non-approval. You can use our dashboard or get the data via API.

Get to know your clients
and suppliers better

With only a few data, we are able to quickly and efficiently generate a complete report, without increasing friction for the user during the onboarding process.

Accept more users

Ensuring the veracity of an account or of a document in the digital era is the basis for any online interaction. Being able to say yes quicker and to more people is the secure revolution that any company aims for.

Reduce risk and expenses

Besides risks to your property and to your reputation, separating drivers with bad transit behavior can ensure the safety of your clients and employees.

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