Onboarding SDK

Onboard more users with less fraud

Now it's easier to integrate our solutions into your registration flows. With our Onboarding SDK, you can improve the user experience of your KYC proccesses on your website and app without compromising security and fraud prevention.

Easier integration for you, easier onboarding for your users

  • Friendly user experience
  • Image Capture Assistant to guide to users capture photos with better quality
  • Possibility to unite all idwall solutions in only one flow: OCR, Face Recognition and Background Check
  • Facial Liveness Detection by default to increase fraud prevention and anti-spoofing results
  • Customization for your brand

Check out the power of our Onboarding SDK

Our solution is available for web and mobile integration.

Documents Data Extraction (OCR)

Face Recognition & Liveness Detection

Background Check

Data extraction from driver's license and ID with OCR

This technology converts an image into text, which allows you to eliminate registration forms and ask only for a picture of the user’s document. Our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the best solution on the market because it was designed precisely for that. Besides, via our Onboarding SDK, users can get instructions on how to take the best picture of their document, guaranteeing accuracy.

Face Recognition & Liveness Detection

Comparing an image of the user’s face to the picture on their document is an excellent way of verifying identity. Our solution can also perform a liveness check by requesting the user to smile, guaranteeing that the selfie sent through the app is not just a picture of another picture.

Background Check

With the data extracted from the document, we consult private and public databases so you can approve or deny users automatically, ensuring that your customers are who they say they are, fighting identity fraud and bolstering your KYC and AML compliance processes.

It’s possible to hire our solutions separately.

Cutting-edge technology and friendly UX

To guarantee sharp and well-it images with propertly framed images and all the necessary information for a right data processing and extraction (OCR), SDK centralizes a serie of technologies that uses AI integrated with an intuitive UX to guide the user to capture the best shot.

Seamlessly integrable in your website and app flows

With a full support and dedicated account management, adding SDK is straightforward and simple to integrate in your onboarding process in mobile as much as desktop devices.

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