MeuID: for businesses

Digital identity solution for your company

MeuID is the digital identity solution that centralizes and automatically validates your client’s most relevant personal data, facilitating their access to your service. Register more clients, without having to waste time with bureaucratic processes.

A secure and practical solution

MeuID works as a digital identity for your client.
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Differential Advantages

All documents in only one place

Approve more registrations with more security

Receive all the necessary information to make your company’s onboarding more secure. All personal data is previously approved by your client, thus making the onboarding process more practical for both sides.

Ensuring compliance has never been easier

Be compliant with your market’s most important regulations and make constant verifications to ensure that your company is following norms such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and Brazil’s General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD).

Endless possibilities for your company to innovate

MeuID allows you to turn your most outside-the-box ideas into reality. Thinking about self-checkout, car rental, or easier booking for your clients? Talk to our specialists and discover the endless possibilities that idwall’s digital identity solution can open up for your company.

  • Automated risk analysis
  • Agile user onboarding flow
  • Fast digital onboarding process
  • Complete risk analysis

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