Face Match

Authenticate users faster

Our facial recognition technology reduces the risk of identity fraud. By comparing a picture taken at the moment of registration with the photo on the document, we confirm that your users really are who they claim to be.

See how idwall’s Face Match works, step by step

Improve your product with ease and security. Step by step, learn how our Face Matching solution works

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Picture of the document

To register users with face matching, we need an initial photo. By sending a picture of a driver’s license, for example, we establish references for facial recognition.


The user takes a selfie right after sending their document. Thus, we have an actual photo which we compare to the document sent in order to certify your client’s identity.

Automated score

We use advanced machine learning techniques to calculate the match probability and send you an automated score.

The best facial biometrics solution on the market

Our automated solution ensures the person going through your onboarding process is really who they say they are.

Accept more users

Quickly guaranteeing that your user is really who they say they are is the basis for any online interaction. Being able to say yes quicker and to more people is the secure revolution that any company aims for.

Improve User Experience

Few industries are as competitive as Tech, and the product with the better UX is one step ahead of the competition. With idwall, it’s possible to ensure a quicker onboarding process, with fewer refusals due to low accuracy in the facial recognition step.

Strengthen your validation
with Liveness Check

After the user takes a selfie, we ask them to smile, which works as a proof of life. This ensures the person is really going through the onboarding at that moment, and not using a photo of a photo to commit fraud.

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