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88% of all banks agree that the biggest problem with client onboarding and registration is the KYC process.

We understand how complex it can be to be in compliance and prevent credential fraud.

Simplify your new customer validation process, reduce time spent and increase reliability, all with our fintech All-in-One solution.

Accept more clients

Ensuring trust is one of the greatest challenges in the digital era. idwall helps you say Yes for more clients.

Facilitate business

Reduce the time your clients have to wait to start using your service.

Avoid fraud

Reduza o número de fraudes através da validação de documentos automatizada e análise de perfil dos clientes.

Atenda compliance

Atenda seus compliances e cumpra todas as regulamentações para prevenção de lavagem de dinheiro, KYC e combate ao financiamento do terrorismo.

Reduza trabalho manual

Elimine ou reduza seu backoffice através de um processo de tomada de decisão automatizado e inteligente.

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