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We build technologies to enrich human interactions. With that, businesses can be more secure, quicker, more innovative, and more inclusive. We help companies to digitally validate their users’ identities.

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Identity fraud is a billion dollar problem in Brazil, generating compliance and regulatory rules that stop business operations from easily scaling up while maintaining security and User Experience. Our solutions use machine learning and other cutting edge solutions to provide our clients with answers to those problems in the best possible way.

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idwall is born

Lincoln Ando and Raphael Melo decide to build the solution for a major worldwide problem: the lack of trust in the digital environment.



Seed Round

Continuing the Seed Round, idwall receives funding from two major Brazilian venture capital funds: Canary and Monashees. The total amount is R$ 2 million.



Series A

In a round led by Monashees and followed by Canary, alongside companies such as Mercado Livre and Fundação Estudar, we received an investment of R $ 9 million in our Series A round.



Series B

We raised R$40 million in our Series B round and became the first Latin-American company invested by Qualcomm Ventures' AI fund. The round also featured the ONEVC and Globo groups, as well as Canary, Monashees, and others.



idwall today

Today we have on our side more than 100 clients that trust in idwall, and our team has over 80 people!



Worldwide recognition





(2017 - 2018)


I arrived at idwall with great expectations and, even then, I was surprised by the opening I had to create new processes and share my previous professional experiences. I’m very proud of working here and feel really connected to the company’s purpose, especially because it’s a feeling shared by the leadership and by the team as a whole. The leaders are also very open to looking for solutions and new ways of doing that might benefit the employees even more.

Manuela Rodrigues

Head of Customer Success

idwall is a place where I really feel safe and where people listen to me, value my knowledge and expertise. It’s great being able to participate and contribute to decision-making processes and being recognized by the work I do, because that energizes me to keep looking for new solutions and new ideas to help the company grow more and more. Another really cool thing is the lack of competitiveness at idwall — everyone is keen to help you and share knowledge, which makes this a very nice environment for everybody that works here. Last but not least, I love how we are all so different from each other: from the very beginning, idwall recognizes and values the benefits and the innovation that a diverse group of people can bring about, and that is awesome!

Karina Menezes

Marketing Specialist

idwall is the first company where I like to be as much for the company itself as for the people. In the places were I worked at before, I was always treated as just another employee. So, idwall’s collaborative environment helped a lot in my integration with the team and with the organization. The career development possibilities and the individual monitoring are attitudes that demonstrate much respect for the professionals that are here.

Victor Vieira Paulino

Android Developer
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